Report on Balaju Slum Squatter

Balaju community could not escape away from the earthquake that hit Nepal on 25th April, 2015. Out of 75 householdsmost of the houses are cracked and damaged. Although the houses of slums looks small and weak, it was more intact than expected. The only fear for people living there is that the surrounding tall houses are not fit to stay, and if those houses will fall over, they will then lose their houses.

One of the main problems of the area is sanitation. According to Sabitri, ‘everyone were living in one common ground andeven though the toilet was open for all, people used to defecate where they were living. This scared us for epidemics.’ At the moment most of the people are living in their own houses and they are safe from epidemics.

As the days are passing the locals of the community are worried about their incomes now. Since most of the people get their income on the basis of daily wages, they are scared to go to their work so, right now they do not have any source of income. They are managing foods through their personnel savings, but when schools will start they will start having financial problems.

One of the best things about this place is that, the school there was earthquake proof. So, the school is safe. Also the sewage is excellently managed there. A Japanese technique is used for filtration of the sewages collected and only after it is filtered it is mixed at Bishnumati River. The situation of water, toilet has not been affected after the earthquake. It remains the same.

By Smriti Sharma




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