I wish there comes another one but this time much bigger

Nepal Earthquake

These were the words from Kalpana Nagarkoti, Khokana ward no 7, a middle aged women currently sheltering at her relatives land.

Her words were somehow funny and at the same time harsh. The very moment, I thought this is what we called traumatized or anxiety caused by the earthquakes. But as we proceed, the story was different.

As a citizen reporter, when we proceeded a little far behind a broken house, Kalpana along with other few, mainly old women were under the tree. As we entered there, we were able to notice some kind of gossip around. We took no time to find out that we were the first to visit them after earthquake of 25th April, 2015. 

On the other hand those amused faces bought me to realize the pain coming straight from that broken heart through words. The words were from those who haven’t received a thing from anyone in the name of relief; it’s from those people who felt of betrayed because being from the same village they are deprived of supporting hands where other aren’t just because Kalpana lived in a rented house.

With the feeling of betray we were able to capture equal feeling of revenge inside them. Especially to those leaders asking for the votes and raising unaddressed expectation of the community. She also made a promise that she will take account of every expectation raised before and after the quake, if she will encounter them again.

With all those suffering at last, I found it pretty natural to be tough and show some aggression in front, but nevertheless she also showed her caring and supporting nature by asking us for tea.

Bibasha Khadgi, SchEMS