Changing a life

Phul Maya Pun, a 12 year old girl, was the only one without school uniform when we met her in the class and was very quiet too.

You could easily notice her as a new admission in the school. After chatting with her for a while, she told that the earthquake destroyed her house and she was forced to migrate from Baglung to Kathmandu. It will take her time to cope up with her new friends and surrounding, as it has only been a month since she came to Kathmandu. Her brother is the only bread earner in her family supporting the total of 8 family members. When she will get a new school uniform is a big asks.

A year has passed since GUTHI first  met Phul Maya Pun. She had no other choice but to move to Kathmandu after her house got destroyed due to the 25 April, 2016. We could see the sadness in her face. Being shy by nature, she was having trouble making new friend as well. In addition to it, not being financially strong, buying new school uniform was not possible for her family. But now, after 8 months since we were able to provide the necessary educational materials to her, we visited her once again. The smile and brightness in her face and eyes is priceless. We hope to spread smile among many children.