Project Kicked Off

 Orientation on Rainwater Harvesting and Sanitation to the students of Viswa Niketan Higher Secondary School


Education is necessary but is valued more when the receiver knows why, when, where and how the knowledge can be executed. An effort to raise awareness about Rainwater Harvesting and WASH, Guthi with the genuine support from Republic and State of Geneva; and International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA) organized a kick off event on 5 February, 2016 at ViswoNiketan Higher Secondary School. The event also marked the beginning of the new collaboration with the school. “We welcome this effort of helping our school and we promise to work in collaboration in upcoming days,” said HelambarKadel, Principal, ViswaNiketan Higher Secondary School. Udaya Bahadur Pasakhala, Secretary, Ward No. 11, seconded to it stating, “This effort of solving the water problem is remarkable and should be continued. We will be glad to be a part of this positive effort.”  

The event was graced by more than 500 students. Various posters were displayed based on rainwater harvesting techniques, its importance and usages, proper maintenance; and WASH- current sanitation condition of the school, hand washing steps, effects of unhygienic behavior, and ways to adapt a hygienic habits.

The resource person of the day, Narendra Man Dongol, entrepreneur, had all the nice thing to say about the technology. He stated, “While developing any water system, I consider rainwater as the source of water supply. I myself use rainwater only at my home for drinking purpose.”

Briefly, issues regarding water shortage and importance of rainwater harvesting in school were discussed. Ganga Thapa, Assistant Principal of ViswaNiketan Higher Secondary School emphasized on water deficiency stating, “The situation of no rainfall too is not far away. In such adversity, this awareness raising event will be very fruitful as children will be more aware on how they can solve the water deficiency problem. I believe, not just our school but every sectors have to know about this rainwater harvesting techniques.”

Similarly, poster depicting inefficiency of latrines in the school was displayed too. In reaction to it, ApsaraTamang, grade 8, shared, “We often have to stay in queue to go to toilet which is really irritating. Plus we need our friend to stay outside the toilet because there is no lock as it is damaged.” The requirement of repairing and additional need of latrines in order to improve the sanitation in the school cannot be ignored. 

Despite the school having rainwater harvesting system installed, many children had no idea that their school has rainwater harvesting system, but this kick off event has definitely ignited curiosity among them to know more about it.

Bimala Gurung

Program Associate, GUTHI