School Support Program

The earthquake that took place on 25 April, 2015 was only a beginning. Soon after the disaster, earthquake affected family started to face several hurdles in returning back to their previous life.


Beside, earning for their survival, educating their children was also a great challenge for these families as most of the students do not have educational material to go to their schools. In order to support these families, GUTHI started School Support Program in earthquake affected places. With the program being implemented, children will not have to worry about the educational materials required to certain extent. Further, children will be able to invest more time in studies rather that work to meet their needs which might help minimize the number of child dropout.

With the support from Sushma Bajracharya, GUTHI benefited 127 students of the three schools: Chundevi Prathamik Vidyalaya, Narayan Jan Secondary School and Shree Siddhimangal Higher Secondary School.

On 30 April, 2016, with the support from Sayapatri Nepali Cultural Group, GUTHI distributed school uniform and school bags to 84 children including 37 girls and 47 boys of Taukhel, Machhegaon.

On 21 August, 2015, GUTHI distributed education materials to 42 students including 24 girls and 18 boys at Chundevi Prathamik Vidyalaya. The educational materials include a set of school uniform, a school bag and Early Child Development Kit. On the same day, 74 students (37 boys and 37 girls) were supported with Text Books and Tuition fees at Narayan Jan Secondary School.

On 30 July, 2015, a set of school uniform, a school bag and a set of stationary was provided to 11 student (7 girls and 4 boys) of Shree Siddhimangal Higher Secondary School.

Similarly, Kehi Garau, a NGO which have been helping children, helped GUTHI support 14 children living in  IDP camp of Taukhel with black shoes along with stationary materials.

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