ASIA helps GUTHI support school children


With the help of Association for international Solidarity (ASIA) Onlus, GUTHI helped 202 students from three different locations and different communities: Slum Community, Bansighat, Tripureshwor, , IDP campsite Bhikhel,KMC-15 and Narayan Jan Secondary School.

On 1 September 2015, 25 children (12 girls and 14 boys) living at Slum Community of Bansighat were supported with admission and tuition fees.Further, they were provided with a set of school uniform, school bag, copy and bag. 

Similarly on 3 September, 2015, 20 children (12 girls and 8 boys) of IDP Camp, Bhuikhel were supported with admission and tuition fees. A set of school uniform and stationary materials were given to these children.

 On September 4 2015, students of Narayan Jan Secondary School, Machhegaon Chandragiri Municipality-14 were provided with a set fo school uniform and school bags.


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