When can I feel my Dignity?

Privacy lacks at the IDP Camps

Every student feels free after finishing their school annual session. Long vacation, no assignment, and no any boring lectures is what marks the end of session and freedom for students. However, for Mira Gayaju, 18 years old  teenager who had just begun to smell the fragrance of the freedom, with end of her monotonous school life this freedom didn’t seem to last longer as the devastating quake on 25th April hit so hard that it destroyed her house leaving no option to go anywhere rather than Liwali IDP camp. “When I reminiscence that day I get goosebumps in my body” said she recalling that day.  Her few days in camp were so difficult. No access of toilets and pure drinking water and maintaining hygiene were key challenges for her family and the others families residing on the camp. 

But there is something different the teenage girl felt. May be because of her age lack of privacy was what she felt major problem for her. The well is nearby the road and she had to take bath in that open space for which she felt ashamed. “I can’t compromise with my Dignity, can I?  So that I take the risk and go to my own destructed house to take bath” She told. She felt more difficulty during her menstrual period. As she is aware enough to keep her body clean during those days and there is tradition to take bath on the 5 and 7 days as well. So  in those days she goes to her fallen residual home and take bath, even knowing it is risky she is compelled to take bath there as she don’t want to compromise with her privacy. Previously I used to get up early in the morning and take bath but now I also have to go to the college so it is really gives me stress in those days” she said.

There are two bathroom under construction, but till now it is not completed. Why is it taking so much time she don’t know. She wish for the sooner construction of bathroom so, that she can take bath freely without compromising her privacy.

Sarita Pandey 




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