PACT Committee Formation

 Meeting of PACT Committee Members


Under the Emergency Rain Project, a committee is formed in Viswo Niketan Higher Secondary School on the month of May. The committee includes parents, authority, children and teacher and is named as PACT Committee. 

The objectives behind formation of the committee are to share the knowledge and information within the members of the committee and disseminate it in the school. Further, the school might face various challenges especially in the field of WASH. Therefore, the committee is formed in order to identify and understand such challenges and take necessary actions. Besides, the committee is formed in order to manage and sustain water, sanitation and hygiene in the school.

The committee includes 10 members with certain responsibilities in order to maintain the WASH status of the school. The member of the committees will monitor the maintenance of the rainwater harvesting system and sanitation facilities. After the installation of the facilities, certain cost will be needed for the maintenance which will be facilitated by the committee. The committee will also be responsible for the administrative and financial support to the project. The records regarding the Rain water Harvesting and Sanitation components are regarded as one of the major task of the committee.




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