Art of Liquid Soap Manufacture

Training on Liquid Soap Manufacture

 Under Emergency Rain Project, a training program was organized on liquid soap manufacture on June 4, 2016. The training was given to 13 women currently living in Liwali IDP Camp. The participants mostly belong to agricultural background and housewife with low income source. This event is a step forward to initiate the idea of micro-enterprise for strengthening the socio-economic status of people currently residing under temporary shelters since Nepal earthquake 2015.


Renuka Maharjan, resource person during the training instructed the procedures for the manufacture of liquid soap. She also encouraged the participants to explore and identify market and stated, “The procedure is simple but its marketing is the real challenge. For now, capturing local market should be the first step.”  “We do not have any income source. After this program, I am hopeful that we can at least earn some money and also learn new skill,” shared Shova Koju, one of the participants.

The required materials for the manufacture of liquid soap such as G-salt, Caustic Soda, water, Acid Slury, equipments were made available to the participants. The entire participants were highly motivated to learn the manufacturing process for the liquid soap. As instructed by the resources person, the participants manufactured 60 liters of liquid soap which was distributed among the 60 families living in the camp. Nani Maya Bohaju, a resident of the camp expressed her excitement after using the liquid soap citing “I found the liquid soap of good quality. Besides, the raw materials used are easily available. Since there is a high daily demand of detergent, it would also cover a good market. In my view, the soap business would certainly uplift the living standard of people like us living in camp.”

The people are seeking new opportunity to be economically sustainable but lack knowledge for uplifting its economic status. Definitely, the demand of detergent is increasing from household level, hotels to auto shops for cleanliness purposes. In coming days, GUTHI in partnership with International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance with the generous support of Republic and State of Geneva intend to support these women to establish liquid soap microenterprise, creating the business plan and strengthening its marketing strategy for the sustainability of the liquid soap microenterprise.

 Junita Mulmi, GUTHI



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