Inauguration of Compost Boxes at Dallu Aawas

Inauguration of Compost Box

 On the occasion of World Environment Day 5th June, 2016 inaguration of Compost Boxes took place in presence of Mr. Rudra Singh Tamang, ‎Chief Executive Officer, Kathmandu Metropolitan City. The event took place at Community Learning Center, Dallu Awas. It was organised by GUTHI in cooperation with Community Development Committee, Swayambhu Community Learning Center, Dallu Aawas Local Support Committee, Kumari Nursery, GUTHI, Niva Rain, Bleach Teachonolgoy and Sport Development Club.

 GUTHI in partnership with Waste Venture contributed two compost boxes which will be used alternatively; once one compost box is fulled by the organic waste, it will be left out to degrade. In the meanwhile, the next compost box will be filled with the organic waste.

The purpose of the initiative is to encourage the community to make the best use of the waste produced. It also aims to promote clean and healthy environment. “People will be aware on how waste utilization not just helps to keep our surrounding clean but also to earn some income. This initiative has been welcomed by community,” shared Narendra Man Dongol, Local resident. . Citing to it, he further added, “It is our responsibility and huge challenge too for assuring proper management of compost boxes and its sustainability.”

 “This is a positive step we as a community have taken. It will only be sucessful if the community takes the lead,” shared Iswor Man Dongol, Chairperson, Community Development Committee.

The basic component of the compost boxes are bamboo bars with iron rods frames is 4X4X3 feet square arranged in row with 1 foot in between boxes and 5 foot pathways around the rows. It is estimated that these two compost boxes have capacity of 1.5 tons of organic waste per month serving 75 families.

In the coming days, GUTHI and Waste Venture a responsible person to ensure proper management of compost boxes will be identified. It will also be conducting awareness raising sessions for community and trainings for waster collectors.




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