Her Dream Got a Foot and One Day It Will Get Wings

“I want to go home but I will go only when I would earn enough gold and money.” This is a statement by 11 year old Pashi Sherpa. I met her when I guided earthquake affected children with their studies in Guthi’s after school program at Social Welfare Council.


The joyful face of Pashi had a lot of stories which she shared with me. Pashi migrated from Solukhumbu and has been living with her aunt in Thamel. Like many others, Pashi came to the city with a dream. Her dream was to study in a good school and fulfill her parents’ dream of seeing her as a successful person. But reality scattered her dream when she stayed in Kathmandu. 

She had to do most of the household works so could not go to school. She used to wash utensils and even all the clothes. Because of the water shortage in Thamel, everyday she had to fetch water from Ga:hiti- a stone spout situated at Thamel, instead she wanted to study to fulfill her dreams. She thought that she would never be able to go to school and have to spend her whole life working. Still somewhere in her heart she had hope of going in a good school. Finally, after a long year of waiting she got an opportunity to go to school. Her aunt sent her to a government school nearby. Initially, she disliked her aunt but now, even their relation is mended.

Her dream got a foot, a foot that would now run as fast as it could towards a better future. However, the circumstances came into her way. Even though she had to study, she could not skip the works she used to do. She did not have to work during the day but at evening she had to fetch water.

“Ga:hiti was destroyed in earthquake and now I don’t have to go to fetch water so I can come to class to study” she said when she joined evening classes. For many Nepalese, earthquake brought a lot of suffering but, in case of Pashi, it was an opportunity to attend the classes. However, Pashi and her aunt’s family had to survive on the limited water given by KUKL which was very difficult.

Pashi was always punctual in the class. She always had an urge to learn from me and get help in her studies. “This is my only opportunity. No matter what, I will study very hard and fulfill my parents’ dream.” These were not limited just in her words but in her actions as well. Her dedication in study was proved when she stood 1st in her class. She was very glad as her dedication was proved. Pashi believes that one day her dream will get wings. Wings strong enough to fly towards success.