Agreement signed to implement community-composting project

Asmita Bhusal , Project Coordinator, GUTHI

Ishwor Man Dongol, Chairperson of ward no. 15 Community Development Center (CDC) and Dipen Khadga, waste collector of the Dallu Awas area signed the contract for “Community led Household Solid Waste Management and Community Composting” in Dallu Awas of Kathmandu on 14th September,2016.

Realizing the complexity of the problems faced in forms of irregularities in waste collection, waste disposal in the public spaces and overall problems of waste collection system of Kathmandu, the community of Dallu Awas ward no. 15 of KMC have taken lead in waste management of their area. Altogether 50 households of the area will involve in piloting the project in collaboration with GUTHI, ward no. 15 Community Development Committee, Dallu Awas Isthaniya Sahayog Samittee, Niva Rain and Kumari Nursery.

The participatory households will learn about the source segregation of the household waste through the demonstration program which will be facilitated by Shekha Narayan Maharjan.

The households will segregate the solid waste at source into dry waste and wet waste. The wet waste and dry waste will be collected on separate days. The wet waste will be treated on the composting plant to prepare quality compost. The composting plant is placed in the space provided by Community Development Committee.

According to the contract, Community Development Committee (CDC) will assist the program by taking lead of the project. CDC agreed in providing the necessary space for the infrastructure, the space for community composting, coordination on tariff rate fixing and tariff collection. GUTHI will facilitate the project as community mobilizer, technical and resource mobilizer; facilitate door-to-door awareness campaign and training.

Dipen Khadga, who is involved in the solid waste collection of the area for many years, now, will be working with his other team member Mahendra Rana Magar in the new waste collection system and composting of the organic portion of the solid waste.

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