Customer feedback to improve services

Door to door awareness campaign

Asmita Bhusal , Project Coordinator, GUTHI

As per the regular waste collection schedule, which is fixed for Wednesday and Saturday, Shambhunagar Sarsafai Kendra Pvt. Ltd. failed to operate the service on Saturday, 18th of October, 2016 due to technical problem with their waste collection truck. So, the following day 19th of October, the team from Shambhunagar Sarsafai Kendra went for the door-to-door solid waste collection to their customer’s houses. The same day, GUTHI contacted some of their customers randomly to ensure that the collection team covered every house and to understand their perspective regarding the ongoing project aimed at establishing the practice in source-segregation of waste and the community composting intervention in their service area. Inquiries were also made, if the waste collection service reached the area before the office time since the project area is mostly a residential area, and the members are mostly service holders and children attend schools during the day time. The preferred time for waste collection was identified as 6-10 am in the morning.

The customers complained that the waste collection starts at around 9 am in the morning. The reason for not being able to start the waste collection service at prior scheduled time was explained by company as they had technical problem with the waste collection vehicle.

One of the customer, Motinarayan Maharjan suggested GUTHI to provide two buckets to each house to separate the dry and wet wastes. He believes the buckets with logo of the initiative would be a pushing factor for them to practice segregation of waste at their homes.

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