Rainwater Harvesting System model at Viswa Niketan Secondary School

Sabitri Rajbhandari, Kathmandu: Viswa Niketan Secondary School located in Tripureswor has collected rainwater and is utilising it for sanitation and drinking purposes.

The school has been collecting water from the 4 roofs of the buildings and has been serving the students from pre-primary level to graduation level and teachers reaching out to nearly 3 thousand people from using rainwater. The economical support from the government organisation and technical assistance of GUTHI, the rainwater harvesting system was installed in the school.

In order to collect rainwater, two underground tanks of 25,000 liter capacity have been constructed. The water is collected through the fitting of downpipe and it flows to the rapid sand filter. Through the pipes, it is collected in the storage tank. The water is then suppled at the overhead tanks with the application of the water pump. Later, it is supplied to the taps.

According to Heramba Raj Kadel, Principal, from 4 catchment of the buildings of an area of 428 square meters, the water is collected. He further shared that after the availability of water in the school, the sanitation has improved and the school no longer has to purchase water.

Inauguration of the system after one year of its completion

After one year of the rainwater harvesting system installation completion, it has been inaugurated. Though it had been completed on 15 July, 2016, it has been inaugurated today. Bhim Prasad Upadhyaya, Secretary at the Ministry of Water Supply and Sanitation inaugurated the system.

Upadhyay, who is the main guest of the event shared that the water inside Singha Durbar is being wasted and would approve the proposal of any water company which would utilise the water for collecting and selling it. He said that the quality of the water would be different accoding to the place while rainwater would be suitable for drinking purpose. 'Sisters and brothers, start to drink rainwater instead of eating noodles, dumplings, pizza. You will notice the glow in your face,' appealed Upadhyay.

Similarly, Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Management Board, Executive Director Sanjeev Bikram Rana shared that the collected rainwater is safe as different measure to treat it has been implemented.

The lack of rainwater to be recharged underground, the water table level has been declining. It is required to recharge the underground water while collecting rainwater shared Rana. "If rainwater is harvested and recharged, groundwater level is more likely to rise up. Therefore, while building the house, according to the new building bylaw, few percent of land has to be left and this rule has to be strictly implemented," he said.

During the program, President of International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance, Han Heijnen shared that the conservation and utilisation of the infrastructure responsibilities have been handed over to the school. He shared that he believes the school will preserve and conserve the system sustainably.

Principal of the school, Heramba Raj Kadel shared in the 50 thousand liter tank, they have been able to collect 5,00,000 liters water.

Source: WASH Khabar

Link: http://washkhabar.com/news/1768

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