Fund-Raising Deusi Bhailo Program for Child Education Support

On the auspicious occasion of the festival of lights, GUTHI organized a fund-raising Deusi-Bhailo Program on 18 October, 2017 with an objective to support the education of earthquake affected children in Bhaktapur and drop-out students at Bansighat Community Center.

Even after 2 years of the massive Earthquake, residents at Liwali Ganesh Bhukampa Puna Isthapana Kendra still live under the temporary shelter. They also face huge economic crisis. It is difficult for the parents to pay school fees of their children; due to which many of them have not paid the school fee of this year and are thinking of shifting their children to the government school. Children, on the other hand, would not want to join the government school but continue studying in their current school. So, through this program, we targeted to meet the educational need of as many students as possible.

Along with this, GUTHI is currently supporting dropout students at Bansighat, one of the squatter in Kathmandu, to join the school. But the students are not being able to admit into schools due to the lack of money. So, here too, with the fund collected from this event, we intend to help students go back to the school and get good education.

More than 60 guests attended the program and contributed to the cause. The audience enjoyed performance given by children from Bansighat Community Center, Bansighat Community, Rotaract Club of Patan West and GUTHI's staff. There were beautiful dances and musical performances to enliven the evening. The performances not only entertained everyone, but it was also a platform for the children to polish their skills.To inform the audiences about activities at GUTHI, the Program Officer of GUTHI highlighted on the important events and works conducted during the year 2017.

At the event, we were able to collect a total of NRs. 22, 750/-. The donors were very positive about spreading good future among the children. Admiring the works of GUTHI, Mr. Ian Gurung donate a total of NRs. 1,00,000/-.

Support like these has encouraged GUTHI to work even more on the sector of children's education. Thus, through this short report, we would like to thank all the donors, who supported us generously in terms of time and fund. One good thing we have learnt from the programs is that Nepalese will always support our fellow Nepalese in times of need; and that Nepalese people have a very big heart. Having made a great contribution to the society, we hope everyone had an enjoyable Tihar.