Quake victims find solution to water woes


Kathmandu, April 18

Around 52 earthquake victim families at Liwali of Bhaktapur have been able to solve their water woes by practising rainwater harvesting. Quake victims have constructed a reservoir with capacity of 100,000 litres which has ended water scarcity at their temporary camp.


Likewise, Khwopa Engineering College has constructed water tank with 550,000-litre capacity and Vishwo Niketan School a water tank with 50,000-litre capacity. Janapravat School has a water tank with 25,000-litre capacity to store rainwater.

“We were dependent on underground water which would dry up in summer so we had to purchase water for cleaning and washing as well,” said Hem Raj Kadel, principal of Vishwo Niketan School. “After practising rainwater harvesting, we have got rid of water woes and saved a good amount of money,” he added.

According to Sunil Duwal, principal of Khwopa Engineering College, rainwater harvesting has solved their water problems. “The college had installed rainwater harvesting system six years ago,” he added.

Bhaktapur Municipality alone needs 16 million litres of water each day, but only two million litres of water is supplied. The population of the municipality is 85,000.

“Eight per cent water crisis can be solved through rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge system,” he said.

Han Heijen, president of International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance, who has also worked with the Ministry of Water Supply for decades in Nepal, said 88 per cent of people in Nepal had access to safe water.

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