Engineers benefitted from rainwater harvesting seminar

On 14th June 2018, GUTHI organized a training seminar to the civil and architect engineering students to impart the necessary knowledge and the rainwater system installation skills in the building construction.

Prakash Amatya, interacted and shared his technical knowledge and information on rainwater harvesting system in Nepal among the 30 participating engineering students. He explained the advantage of rainwater system compared to the ground water. “I have a 500 liters tank for rainwater storage and a well. I recharge the excess rainwater into the well, so my well doesn't dry up during the dry season.

Due to this, I rarely need to buy water," shared Amatya. The chief Guest at the session Ganesh Shah, Former minister to the Environment, Science and Technology provided insights on zero energy house design built in Pulchowk Engineering Campus by Prof. Jagarnath Shrestha. He also provided information on the toilet problems in Nepal such as the sewage and space insufficiency. Furthermore, he shared his perspective on the importance of
rainwater in present to meet the increasing demands. “As an architect and engineer, you should design a water efficient house; add rainwater harvesting system and products consuming less water.”- Shah encouraged the young students.
The seminar to the architecture and civil engineering students was a very good opportunity to learn about rainwater harvesting system in Nepal.