Interaction on Water Knowledge Hub

October 1, 2018: GUTHI attended a Consultative Workshop on Water Knowledge Hub jointly organized by Society of Public Health Engineers (SOPHEN) and Global Institute for Water Environment and Health (GIWEH), Switzerland atMalla Hotel, Lainchaur.

The workshop was organized to highlight the need for a knowledge hub for water that integrates the available data in various governmental and non governmental institutions in order to create a collaborative environment and address different water challenges in Nepal and achieve SDG Goal 6 of providing access to Clean Water and Sanitation for all.
The goal of the knowledge hub is to bring together all the stakeholders in the water sector and strengthen partnership and knowledge sharing between them.

The workshop included representatives from governmental sectors, educational institutions and NGOs/INGOs. Dr. Subodh Sharma, Registrar of Kathmandu University was the Chief Guest and other distinguished guests included Dr. Nidal Salim, President of GIWEH, Er. Ganesh Shah, Former Minister of Environment, Science and Technology, Dr. Sunil Babu Shrestha, former member of National Planning Commission, Buddhi Ratna Khadki of National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Er. Hare Ram Shrestha, President, Nepal Engineering Association.

The organizers, guests and participants all put forth their views during the technical sessions and panel discussion. Er. Ramdeep Sah, Chairperson of SOPHEN remarked that Data Management is a big tool that needs inter-sectoral collaboration. Dr. Nidal Salim mentioned that although we may take the initiation, at some point the government will have to take the lead.

The workshop ended with a consensus on the necessity for a Water Knowledge Hub in Nepal.


Reported by Shreesha Nankhwa, GUTHI

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