GUTHI an NGO working in the field of community development since 2000 AD is looking for a dynamic and committed youth to its following post to conduct After School Program at its Community Centre located at Tripureshwor and Bhuikhel, Kathmandu.

After School Programme runs support classes for students of grade 6 to 9 focusing on their studies, behavioral change and communication skill


Experts emphasize on traditional skills for historical pond conservation

KATHMANDU, June 27 :Barbed wire fences encircle two historic ponds in Madhayapur Thimi in Bhaktapur district and there is a narrow opening for the visitors. Beyond it, there are concrete pavements around the ponds for the visitors. And there are also thick water retaining walls around the ponds. 

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My rain team and me

When Pratap Maharjan asked my interest to work on the project of exhibiting the posters on rainwater harvesting I cautiously replied, “it’s not a one man showso I will tell you after consulting my team’.

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Sack tank boosts the rooftop gardening

Mimansha Joshi

Urbanization is an ongoing challenge to the environment, that’s why various organizations have participated in awareness campaigns and capacity building programs on the occasion of the World Environment Day. Kathmandu Metropolitan City(KMC) organized exhibits on rooftop gardening, which was inaugurated by the deputy prime minister and Local Development Minister, Prakash Man Singh amid a public function in new Baneshwor, Kathmandu on 7 June 2014.

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Message in the drops

While whole country is celebrating water week with the slogan of “water and energy”, nature has been busy showering loads of money with every single drops of water within these week, once again showing itsgenerosity. Not everyone gets gifton Christmas but nature is so promising, it blessed us with 38.6 mm of water with bonus of hail.

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