Toilet talks

Oct 28, 2013-On November 19, the dilemma facing ten million Nepalis will not be who to vote for; it will be where to shit that morning. Choosing a venue (the river, bamboo grove or the footpath?) will be as tricky as what to wipe your bum with (leaves or stones?) for this mass that does not have access to a toilet.


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Govt plans to build 400 new public toilets in Valley

KATHMANDU, July 14: The government has pledged to construct 400 additional public toilets keeping in view the great inconvenience caused to people in various parts of the Kathmandu Valley due to lack of public toilets. Read more: Govt plans to build 400 new public toilets in Valley

Toilet talk

The Open Defecation Free campaign sounds impressive, but little has changed on the ground.


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Toilet talk

We need to break the silence and talk about our defecation habits and how they affect our everyday life.

-Bicram Rijal

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शौचालय भ्रमण !

डा. नवराज खतिवडा ।

धुलिखेल केन्द्रीय क्याम्पसमा दुई घण्टाको कक्षा सकेर भर्खर बाहिर निस्केको थिएँ । मोवाइल फोनको घण्टी बज्यो । यसो हेरेँ । ल्याण्डलाइनको कुनै अपरिचित नम्बर थियो । कुनै कार्यालयको होला भन्ने अड्कल काटेँ ।

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