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Her Dream Got a Foot and One Day It Will Get Wings

“I want to go home but I will go only when I would earn enough gold and money.” This is a statement by 11 year old Pashi Sherpa. I met her when I guided earthquake affected children with their studies in Guthi’s after school program at Social Welfare Council.

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Concern of a father

At the age of five, Nikesh Paswan came to Kathmandu for better life. Since then, he has been living in Bansighat as an urban squatter. He is now a 25 year old man with a wife and a son of 5 years old. He was born with leg deformity and had no other option but to beg in order to meet his familys needs. Living in Bansighat is not easy, especially for someone with a disability. It becomes more challenging to cope with the stinging smell from the nearby river-dumping site, the acute shortage of water, and the irregular income to name few. Despite these difficulties, Nikesh cannot imagine living in another area.

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Cutting: A Cruel Crime

I was 12 years old. I used to cut my hands because I had a lot of emotional pain. I was a girl who was always by myself and never talked to others. Because of all my problems, I thought cutting was the best option. I felt that slitting my wrists was my only option. I could never talk about my problems with others, because I thought that they would all laugh at me. After some months, however, I felt embarrassed by my actions.

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Street Vendors: Struggle for Toilet & Existence

Toilet day is around the corner with the theme of toilet and jobs where, at the same time a street vendor is struggling to pack her stuff to rush for her home because she has to pee.  As a human being with anatomical function to cleanse the body, an urgency to run for a toilet is a common thing however, this common process should not affect our daily life activities especially when it is about earning bread for own self. Lack of money for higher investment in business and pay rent for space is what makes a person street vendor. Furthermore, they travel from place to place so, in this scenario what happens when they feel the need to use toilet?

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Children Without a Mother

There was a family with three members: a father,mother, and daughter. Both the husband and wife worked as caterers. After the earthquake, however, there was a new twist: the mother had an affair. Although she loved her daughter very much, she left her husband and three-year-old child, Sovana Shrestha. Now there was only the father and child.

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Trans-men : Being more than a Gender

Consider it as an irony or an opportunity, one stereotype in our society for being labeled as female is that we have excuse for bleeding every month since it’s what supposed to make us female.  In our society where from hundreds of generation, morphological character has been the sole trademark for demarking our roles and responsibilities. Imagine being totally different from what we appear and not being able to express it. It is said that road to life is curved one, then why people have to be straight one? 

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