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Liwali IDP Camp, Project Site, Emergency Rain Project

Discussion session on Menstrual Hygiene Management at Liwali IDP Camp #BreakingMenstrualTaboos

Demonstration of Rainwater Harvesting System

“Kathmandu should go for community-level initiatives to manage faecal sludge,” says Gallagher

David Kevin Gallagher, Chairperson of  AEROSAN is shocked to see how this beautiful city Kathmandu has been turned into one of the most unmanaged cities of the world in last 50 years.


Tradition of Closing the Loop of Poo & Pee

How could it simply be possible that one of the selected well-managed settlements of the South Asia did not have any systematic sewage management? Some foreign-returned urban planners often raise this question when they think about urban planning of Kathmandu Valley.


Toilet waste to Biogas system – local know how and partnership

The amount of human excreta collected at a newly built public toilet has eventually turned into treasure for the families there, thanks to a simple technology recently been adopted by the hospital.


Managing the faecal sludge at community level

In the context of how this emerging Kathmandu  Valley as an metropolitan city with 40 million  population is managing all the waste that is being drained from every toilet, a small approach of  Mahalaxmi Municipality (Lubhu village, Lalitpur district) in the sector of Faecal Sludge Management at community level is noteworthy.


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Video Updates

Nepali Youth at Guthi

GUTHI has engaged youths in various communication related activities and


Guthi on Radio

Guthi on Radio - Aba Hamro Palo


Emergency Rain

Stories on Emergency Rain

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Faecal Sludge Management

Faecal Sludge Management: A dire need

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Community Center

A support for informal groups

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GUTHI in Earthquake, 2015

Activities by GUTHI during Earthquake Response Phase

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Menst​rual Hygiene Management Campaign

Safe Menstruation: Right and Dignity

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Solid waste management

Encouraging the better use of waste

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