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The future depends upon the active and independent groups that are youths. The people under the age group of 20-40 fall under the category of youths who have undoubtedly the potential of leadership of tomorrow. That dynamic and charismatic personality they have to do things within themselves differentiates them from among any other groups. It is that time period when a person actually wants to get to know and learn more things through education, experience, information and guidance. This very positive way of learning and doing attitude among the youths pushes them to search for a better employment and opportunities. Undoubtedly, they have the zeal, confidence, attitude and skill to learn and do things differently but today this is not just sufficient. Despite being able to differentiate among the good and bad, right and wrong this active generation may move towards the wrong path due to influence of bad circle, few or no job opportunities, lack of proper information, timely guidance, support and above all a good platform to showcase their talents and skills.

In order to assist the youths through relevant updates and information regarding job opportunities, counseling related to career development and events for active participation this Nepali Youth at Guthi has been established by GUTHI. For the last four years GUTHI has engaged youths in various communication related activities and organized various programs to increase their knowledge on water, sanitation and environmental issues.

This initiative is believed to be a good platform for the active participation, discussion, involvement, encouragement and career development opportunities especially to the members of the group.

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