Awareness Session on Rainwater Harvesting and Sanitation

 Demonstration of Rainwater Harvesting by students of Viswa Niketan Higher Secondary School

On 3rd March, 2016, GUTHI in partnership with International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA) and with the support from Republic and State of Geneva and conducted awareness program on rainwater harvesting at Viswa Niketan Higher Secondary School.

The objective of the session was raising awareness among the student about the importance of rainwater harvesting and why it is important to collect rainwater. 

On the day, 99 students participated in the sessions. The sessions included questionnaire survey among the students followed by presentation on rainwater harvesting by the community mobilizers and group activities. 


The students filled the questionnaires at the beginning of the presentation and after the completion of presentation. The questionnaire filled up before the presentation included basic information on rainwater and rainwater harvesting techniques. It helped to understand the level of understanding among the students before the sessions. The questionnaire filled up after the session helped to monitor the level of understanding that the students obtained after the session.


Resource person of GUTHI presented the importance of rainwater collection and systematic rainwater harvesting with the help of volunteers. Presentation was given on how rainwater can be harvested systematically. 


Soon after the presentation and questionnaires, the students were involved in group activities where they demonstrated their understanding from the session through drawings and writings.

The students were excited to be part of the session and shared their experiences and understanding about rainwater harvesting. “I have seen my neighbors collect rainwater but I never thought of doing by myself. After the session, now I understand that we should preserve water. So from now on I will convince my family as well to collect and harvest rainwater” says Mamata Kumari Singh, grade 6 student from Viswa Niketan Higher Secondary School.

Another student, Kunal Nepal adds “Rainwater can solve most of our water demand and is free of cost so it is important to utilize rainwater for our daily use.”

Sangeeta Shrestha of grade 6 said, “In my house we do not get water from public tap, therefore use rainwater fulfill our demand.”

Uzabi Baidar

Communication Associate, GUTHI




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