“My son dropped out as I got sick”

“My youngest son dropped out as I was sick and he had to take care of me though I would like him to continue his education.” Shova Suman is forty five years old but she tells people that she looks older than her actual age.  She has been living in Bansighat since she got married, for a total of 22 years of her life.


“In the initial days of my married life, the stinging smell from the nearby polluted river was quite irritating.”  She explains. She suspects constant dumping of waste materials and fecal sludge mixing are the main reasons. But now, she claims that she has already adapted to the smell, and it not longer bothers her.

“In terms of water, I have to go to fetch it from the nearby pond during night, waiting for my turn.  If the water there is not sufficient, I go to collect water from the nearby water storage tank.” Shova pays Npr 10.00 Per liter. She cannot afford to purchase commercialized water jar for NPR. 50.00. Shova also says that she does not filter the water before she consumes it. Every bit of money counts, which is why Shova often gets driking water from wherever it is available, even if its quality is poor. 

“From an economic perspective, I have to say that my family is having financial difficulties.“ Shiva's two sons do earn but they are working for someone else, and their income is limited. Two of her other sons are looking for jobs but they are not able to find any. Shova is also searching for a job. With more expense than income, Shova is understandably worried about their household’s economic stability.

“Since I have lived in the same neighborhood for the past twenty two years, I love living here. “ Shova claims.  The only problem is water and employment issues. Now, with the Bagmati Clean Up campaign, the government has planned to build in fecal sludge drainage line.  Shova hopes that the improvements will help with the sanitation issues around Banshigat, and remains hopeful that her family’s economic situation will also improve. “Hopefully water and employment issues are solved and every people living in Bansighat get happy.”

-Bimala Gurung

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