Foundation Stone laid for Underground Water Storage Tank at Liwali IDP Camp

A year has passed by since Nepal Earthquake 2015 yet the people are vulnerable to water borne diseases due to insufficient and poor quality water supply. People were happy when Marc Sylvestre, Program Manager of International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA) officially laid foundation stone for the construction of underground water storage tank at Liwali Internally Displace Persons (IDP) camp. “This ceremony has raised hope of receiving clean water among the people. We all are very thankful towards IRHA and GUTHI for this help,” happily expressed Narayan Prasad Khaitu, President, Liwali IDP Camp.

The ceremony took place on 18 May, 2016 under Emergency Rain project. Along with 25,000 litres capacity tank, the whole rainwater harvesting system inclusive of gutter, downpipe, first flush, collection chamber and water treatment system inclusive of rapid sand filter and biosand filter are planned to be constructed. It is expected that the existing demand of the people living in the camp for clean water will be met.

Sylvestre too expressed his desire to further help and serve the IDPs. “We need to broaden our horizon. There is a lot of work in terms of raising awareness of people in water, sanitation and hygiene. Economically too they need to be strengthen,” stated Sylvestre.

Shiva Prashad Bala, former local representative of Ward 2 Bhaktapur Municipality too shared being in search of organisations which could help the IDPs fulfill their water need. Citing to it, Bala stated, “We are thankful to the Emergency Rain team for helping us survive the water impact.” “The people were compelled to visit the ruined settlement for fetching water. It is not safe,” further expressed his gratitude.




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