Chasing the dream

The journey towards success begins with dream. As a child every one of us has a dream for our future and we do our best to achieve it. Likely, Soni Gauccha, a 14 years old girl from the Liwali IDP camp dreams to become a doctor in future. She is a bright student determined towards her dream. Therefore, studying in this age is vital for her.

After the earthquake of 2015, the days are going as usual. Like many others, Soni, a grade 9 student is also highly focusing in her study. Still, no matter how much people try to go back to their previous life, the situation would not be same as before. After the destruction of houses in the core area of Liwali, Soni is currently living with her parents and a younger brother at Liwali Ganesh IDP Camp. Here she has to go through the problems she has never imagined before.

Her father is a driver and therefore could not support the family alone. Hence, to support the family, her mother works as a non-teaching staffs at nearby schools. They both have to go for work early in the morning leaving the responsibility of household works in the hand of Soni. After completing all the morning works, she even has to prepare herself and her brother for school. To complete the work would not have been a big deal if she did not have to collect water in the morning. “The only existing water source nearby is crowded in the morning. Therefore, we have to stand in a long queue to get a bucket of water,” said Soni. Citing that there is often quarrelling of women over their turn to fetch the water, Soni says that she is scared and feels hesitated to collect water. She further adds, “If water would be available easily then I don’t have to stand on a long queue and I would have more time to focus in my study”.

“The well is located in the proximity of the camp. Still being the only source of water, all the residents of the camp depend on the well. It is very crowded in the morning, therefore collecting water is difficult” said, Soni’s mother. Considering such status of the camp, concentrating in the study for a girl like Soni is hard. At instance, it has become a real challenge for people like Soni Gouccha to accomplish her dream of being a doctor.




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