Sanitation and hygiene is our concerns

With the beginning of Earthquake Response Phase, GUTHI in partnership with International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA) and with the support from Republic and State of Geneva initiated Emergency Rain Project. The project is supporting Viswa Niketan Higher Secondary School (VNHSS) and Liwali IDP Camp, build resilience in terms of water and sanitation. Among the two project sites, the project instigated the formation of Rain Club at Viswa Niketan Higher Secondary School. The club consists of 12 students including a teacher as their mentor. The objective of the club is to monitor the maintenance of sanitation and hygiene in the school. Besides, the club also works on promotion of WASH status of the school.

Students spend eight hours of a day in school, where they not only perceive the academic knowledge but also the behavioral change. Realizing the importance of the sanitation and hygiene, students have planned accordingly to have different program. On the date of 24 June, 2016, the students organized school premises cleaning program. There was an active participant of the school students. The waste from the school premises was collected and disposed systematically.

“The responsibility of maintaining the cleanliness in the school is the combined responsibility of school authority, teachers and students. I am excited to be part of the cleaning activity”, said Naresh Yadav of class 8, a member of the club. Supporting the importance of the club, Mrs. Nirmala Thapa, mentor of the club said, “It is an important initiation. The step will make the students more responsible towards maintaining sanitation in school”.




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