Slum students taught proper handwashing practices

Guthi, a social organisation, in association with INCLUDED Nepal organised a program today to create awareness and teach proper handwashing practices in various places of the Kathmandu Valley coinciding with the Global Handwashing Day 2015.

As many as 500 students from various slum settlements were oriented about seven steps of proper handwashing in Jadibuti, Bansighat and Bhuikhel. The organisers also distributed personal hygiene kit that included soap, toothpaste, handkerchief and nail-cutter to participating students. Essay and drawing competitions on the ‘importance of personal hygiene’ were also held.

“We have found that people in slum settlements practice less personal hygiene and are not aware of proper handwashing practices. Hence, this year we targeted students from slum settlements to educate them about proper handwashing technique and personal hygiene,” said Prakash Amatya, country director at INCLUDED Nepal. Citing that many people living in the slums suffer from diarrhea, he said, “We have targeted students as educating them would have a multiplier effect in their family and community.”Six-year-old Jenisha BK from Bansighat slum said she was not aware of proper handwashing technique before participating in the programme.

Source: The Himalayan Times

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