GUTHI on Radio - Aba Hamro Palo

Sustainable environment is a local to global concern not only for the daily lives but also for the future generation. Various stakeholders have different stake and responsibility in the environment sustainability. Youth, the future leaders, are equally considered stakeholders but yet to engage effectively and efficiently in Nepal. Level of awareness, motivation and recognition are required for their active participation and commitment for the sustainable world.

Immigration of the youth workforce and the brain drain in the search of better opportunities have left limited scope for the youth in contributing to the environment. Thus, we are losing our innovative, creative minds, enthusiasm and strength that can really contribute to the environmental development with available resources. In 2011 CBS reported that 19,21,494 youth migrated abroad for the job. One in every four households (25.42%) reported that at least one member of their household is absent or is living out of country and 44.81 percent of absent population if from age group 15-24 years.

It’s not late to engage them in the environmental dialogue and harness their energy in addressing different contemporary issues of the youth. The youth empowerment initiative of GUTHI called Nepali Youth at Guthi (NYG) has started the youth radio program “Aba Hamro Palo” supported by South Asian Youth Environment Network (SAYEN).

Being a youth led organization, members of NYG is optimistic on a positive and pragmatic change in the attitude and practice of today’s Nepalese youth through this program. “Aba Hamro Palo” is so far working on different issues related to youth to amplify. The radio program will focus especially on “Youth and Environment” in first three month’s episodes and additionally other youth related specific issues in upcoming days. As mentioned youths are the core of the program, youth’s role in every issue will be discussed, analyzed and put forward. This program will not only present the problems or issues but also try to explore their solutions too. So as a whole “Aba Hamro Palo” is a youth centric program which deal with the underlying root causes of the issues and focus on solution-oriented discussion.

Click Here to listen to radio broadcast.

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