Enterprenuership Journey

Bimala Gurung, Program Officer, GUTHI | A journey of establishing a successful microenterprise continues under Rain Community project. Its journey began one year back with the initation of Emergency Rain project. GUTHI decided to venture out in Liquid Soap business in particular because we envision the business as a contributor to the sanitation and hygiene management. We wanted to focus on women empowerment through strengthening their economic status; hence, we formed a network of women living under the temporary shelters after their houses were destroyed due to the Nepal Earthquake, 2015.

The women had no knowledge on running a business. Most of them were housewives. Skill development trainings were organised. We ended up organising five numbers of trainings to develop the skill of women. Initially, the women produced in small amount approximately 30 liters and sold to the local people. The people living in the IDP camp itself were reluctant to use the liquid soap because they had been using a bar soap. Gradually, the women were successful to convince people to use liquid soap instead because the liquid soap costs them low compared to the bar soap they have been using and its quality is very good. 

Daya Laxmi Chwwaju shared, “Before, I had no idea how to run a business but after attending training sessions and my practical involvement in the production and distribution of liquid soap business, I am confident to handle a business. I am also hopeful I will be able to economically support my family through the income I make from the liquid soap business.”

Recently, they were able to deliver 500 liters to one of the handicraft company which is a big achievement to the group because it has boasted their confidence level to accept liquid soap as a business scope for them to flourish. The liquid soap business is catching up its pace to emerge as a successful business.

Since the first batch production of liquid soap, the group has successfully produced and distributed 650 liters of liquid soap till date.

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