The water will be made available to a school through the collection of Rainwater

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Kathmandu, June 5 | Entire Kathmandu is facing water shortage issues. However, this year, a community school in Kathmandu will be receiving water supply for whole year without any expense. 
Today, on World Environment Day, the newly elected ward chairperson of ward no. 13 Narayan Manandhar laid a foundation stone to initiate the installation of rainwater harvesting system and construction of underground water storage tank.

He shared that he has been trying to help the local people to solve the drinking water problem and expressed his happiness for being able to be involved in this effort to meet the water demand.

Satyendra Lal Karna, Principle of the school shared that harvesting rainwater and utilising it especially in a city like Kathmandu is very beneficially. After the completion of the rainwater harvesting system installation, he shared to properly maintain it.

The school purchases water twice a month and pays NRs. 8,000/-  monthly. In this Rain Community named project, with the total budget of approximate NRs. 13,50,000/-, rainwater will be collected from the roof of a building and it will be collect in a 25,000 liter capacity underground water storage tank in a basement. After the water is properly treated, it will be distributed to the children for its proper utilisation.

This sytem is going to be installed by GUTHI in partnership with International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance with the cooperation and coordination of State of Canton, City of Canton and City of Meyrin.

Source: Esamata

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