DPAC Meeting at Bhaktapur Municipality

DPAC meeting was held on 7 July, 2017 at District Coordination Committee (DCC), Bhaktapur Municipality in presence of 12 participants.

The agenda of the meeting was to present the activities of “Emergency Rain” project to the officials and to discuss about further activities of GUTHI under “Rain Community” project at the 6 Internally Displaced Persons camps in Bhaktapur Municipality.

Bimala Gurung, Project Coordinator presented the activities done under the “Emergency Rain” project and activities to be conducted under the “Rain Community” project.

Mr. Dhurva Prasad Humagain expressed, “I am very happy to see the work of GUTHI working with the earthquake victims. I would like to request GUTHI to organise the rainwater harvesting awareness raising activities and skills based trainings so that people can install rainwater harvesting training. Harvesting rain is very important to meet the water demand. ”

Ms. Laxmi Humagain shared, “It is a matter of shock as well as pride to see an NGO like GUTHI working in community at Bhaktapur. We wish your team good wishes.” 

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