Hands on Experience at GUTHI

As we know that to prove ones ability in this competitive world we should be enough practical and professional. So considering this, I joined GUTHI as an intern, with an eagerness to learn new things and understand the real world from closer view.

Working in GUTHI has helped me to understand the importance of gaining practical knowledge, which will help me to gain wider perspective in any subject and field in my future. GUTHI, an NGO, provided me platforms where I executed my ideas, knowledge and skills more effectively, professionally and productively.

Additionally, after participating and organizing various programs at GUTHI, I came to realize that I have achieved some professional skills like: office management, documentation, professional way of communication, working with teams or groups and many more.  While dealing with the people and children of Bansighat slum area, I realized that it has helped me to built an ability to understand people’s problems and needs. I have been able to understand the situation and act according to the situation quickly. I was fortunate to be at the best place for sharpening my raw skills and exposure to new ideas. Those who are looking for a best place to learn and to grow can join GUTHI as an intern without any doubt. I will always be thankful to GUTHI family. 

Best Regards,

Pabitra Neupane.

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