Bio-gas produced from human waste at Ratnapark benefiting shopkeepers

Published: September 09, 2018 11:15 am On: Kathmandu
Kathmandu, September 8

First bio-gas plant set up at Ratnapark has started producing gas.

Bio-gas produced from human waste collected from public toilets at Ratnapark has helped shopkeepers generate better income.

Chandra Yogi, who has bagged the contract to manage public toilets in the area, said that bio-gas produced using human excreta had created job opportunities.


Yogi, who has been awarded the contract to operate business at Ratnapark for five years, said KMC had awarded him the contract to manage toilets at Ratnapark, but it was difficult to earn livelihood by just collecting money from people using toilets. “So we are also operating various shops,” he added.

“After KMC set up the bio-gas plant, we got some relief,” said Yogi. Yogi shared that he had been able to save Rs 3,000 which he had to spend on LPG gas every month.

Tek Bahadur Khatri, who also manages public toilets at Ratnapark, said earlier it was very difficult to keep the toilets clean due to lack of sufficient water. “Due to foul smell many people did not use public toilets. But after the construction of new toilets, the number of people using toilets has increased and it has also become easier to keep the toilets clean,” Khatri shared. He also said that he was able save good amount of money even after paying Rs 65,000 to KMC a month.

The bio-gas plant is a pilot project of Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

Chief of KMC Environment Division Hari Kuwar said, “Pilot project to produce bio-gas from the human waste of public toilets has helped manage waste.”


Source: The Himalaya Times

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