Kathmandu Metropolis to launch ‘Recharge Kathmandu’ programme

The Department of Environment Management of Kathmandu Metropolitan City is set to launch ‘Recharge Kathmandu’ programme from government offices and the houses of its employees soon. According to DoEM chief Hari Kumar Shrestha, the programme aims to raise level of groundwater of the capital city. The groundwater level of the city is depleting and needs to be recharged. Groundwater recharge is a process in which water moves downward from earth’s surface to groundwater.

He informed that KMC will be installing rainwater harvesting system in communities to meet growing water demands. Priority will also be accorded to hotels, hospitals, schools and apartment buildings for rainwater harvesting. According to KMC, the harvested water can be used for domestic use after necessary purification. Water being supplied by Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited accounts for nearly 50 per cent of groundwater, which is extracted through deep boring. According to KMC, it is also contributing to depletion of water table in Kathmandu. Policies and programmes of KMC recently passed by municipal assembly for current fiscal 2019-20 have accorded top priority for water supply and sanitation, and climate change issues.

The policies and programmes stated that a policy will be adopted for supply of safe drinking water to Kathmandu resident by implementing water supply and sanitation projects in an effective manner. They also aim to achieve total sanitation of the city besides protecting and promoting traditional water sources.

Source: The Himalayan Times 13th, August,2019


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