About Water Campaign

"Water Campaign" is initiated by GUTHI and strives to ignite the WASH awareness of the people. We collect voices on WASH issues and intend to project the voices in formulation of the policy related to WASH. We will be running a social media campaign through facebook. Many youth and relevant personalities have been supporting us.

We encourage everyone to join this campaign participating in the various activities and events through the following links:

Visit page: https://www.facebook.com/guthinp/ and https://www.facebook.com/periodtalks/

Write to us for more E-mail: mail@guthi.net

Water Campaign

Every Day a Water Day

- Bimala Gurung, Program Officer, GUTHI

Water and sanitation is a fundamental human rights but the statement seems to be confined in the books as peoplecontinued to struggleto get adequate safe water. I am from Nepal and as much as I used to feel proud to say I come from the world’s second richest country in water resource while growing up, I now feel pain when I see people queuing up to collect water, seeingthem quarrel for a bucket of water, listening to the students complaining about the safe drinking water at their schools. I firmly believe safe water should be available for everyone and everywhere but in reality it is not.

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