GUTHI, understanding the need to meet the water demand, initiated mission to assess the situation and developed the Rain Community Project in partnership with International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA). The project has been supported by the Canton of Geneva, City of Geneva and City of Meyrin. The main objective of this initiative is to improve the living conditions and access to water supply to communities in Nepal.

The project covers two sites: Jana Prabhat School and Viswa Niketan Secondary School located at Kathmandu and six Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps located at Liwali, Bhaktapur; both the communities are in high demand of water.

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Project Partners and Donors

Rain Community

Training Sessions at Viswa Niketan Secondary School

Student of Viswa Niketan Secondary School drawing a diagram of Rainwater Harvesting System.

Read more: Training Sessions at Viswa Niketan Secondary School

Menstrual Hygiene Management Bank

Menstrual Hygiene Bank serve more than 100 student at Narayan Jan School after its formation in 2015.

Read more: Menstrual Hygiene Management Bank

Training Sessions at Jana Prabhat School

July 2, 2017, Manashree NewaChildren are the future.

Read more: Training Sessions at Jana Prabhat School

A Story of My Own: Rainwater Harvesting and Stone Spouts

Manashree Newa | Before municipal water supply started in 1905 A.D., stone spouts were the major source of drinking water in Kathmandu.The beautifully carved stone spouts not only provide water but also hold a huge cultural significance. In 2008 UN-HABITAT wrote in their book Water Movements in Patan with Reference to Traditional Stone Spouts: “When one observes a hiti, it not only gives the picture of engineered water conduit, but lavishly designed religious masterpiece of architecture.”  So, when we added the last two stories in our house, my father conceived this brilliant idea to beautify our terrace with an ornament handed down by our ancestors- a stone spout.

Read more: A Story of My Own: Rainwater Harvesting and Stone Spouts

Water Quality Assurance

Under Rain Community project, we conducted the water quality test in order to tes the drinking water quality parameters at Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camps and Jana Prabhat School located at Bhaktapur and Kathmandu respectively.

Read more: Water Quality Assurance
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