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Overshadow negativities

Yes, we lost many of our heritages.

Yes, we lost many beautiful souls.

Yes, we are going through trauma.

Yes, we are afraid...

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School in Jeans

Naresh Shrestha studies in grade 3. He wears his school shirt with a pair of jean every time he comes to school because his family is not able to afford a proper set of uniform to him. He is so fond of coming to the school but he did not want to be embarrassed to be the only boy with no proper uniform. 

Its more important to attend

Shankar Majhi does not have school uniform. His only one school pants is also torn. He is the only one in the class with no uniform while all of his classmates have at least one set of school uniform. He sighs and feels left out among his classmates. Sometimes he does not want to attend school, as he is the only one without the uniform.


Sumitra Ghimire is the only school dress that she is for long. Her bag is also torn, yet she has not stopped coming to school without fearing to be teased by her friends. When asked that she would stitch her new uniform, she shared, “I have asked my dad for one but he will provide me when he has collected enough money “. It was surprising to find her such an understanding girl at the age of 8 years. 

Lust for School


Saraswati Shahi, a 13 years old girl, was forced to leave the school by her stepmother last year.

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Daunting task to balance work and study

The kids in Shree Chundevi Primary School (Public) are not in the school uniform and their parents are not in the state to buy them uniform a decent school. Yet they expressed they want to come to this school. Sadly, the four kids among them are forced to leave their parents and their family back home in Mugu at the age of five.

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I wish there comes another one but this time much bigger

Nepal Earthquake

These were the words from Kalpana Nagarkoti, Khokana ward no 7, a middle aged women currently sheltering at her relatives land.

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