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Realities of Waste Scenario at Kathmandu

-Manashree Newa

Kathmandu, a city of the beautiful history is also known for ugly waste management scenario. Kathmandu, a city with diverse groups of people and culture is also known for the culture of throwing wastes in the streets. Kathmandu is a small city compared to developed cities in other parts of the world. Yet, we have big solid waste management issues.

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Confession of a Mother

“In my village I cannot get enough food even if we have money.  Here in the city, at least I can buy food for my family if we could earn money”,  says Kanchi Maya Yonzan, a 24 years old housewife and mother of 2.  Like many other villagers, Yonzan was forced to migrate to the city in order to provide for her family.

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Rising from the Waste

Waste collectors have a pivital role in city sanitation.

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“My son dropped out as I got sick”

“My youngest son dropped out as I was sick and he had to take care of me though I would like him to continue his education.” Shova Suman is forty five years old but she tells people that she looks older than her actual age.  She has been living in Bansighat since she got married, for a total of 22 years of her life.

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Solution Within!!

The 21st century is blessed with sophisticated technology. However, in most of the cases, the price is paid with degraded environment. The excessive use of chemicals in the agriculture has resulted in the degradation of soil quality and has adverse impact on the public health. Besides, fertilizers are scarce and expensive in Nepal.

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Journey of a Leader

Lal Dhoj Lama, age 49, migrated from Sindhuli to Kathmandu nearly 16 years ago with his wife and children. After losing his land and having no food to feed his family, Lama had no choice but to migrate to the city. Like many other villagers from his home town, he believed the urban life would provide opportunity to support his family. They walked for 2 days from Sindhuli to the nearest highway where he was able to find a ride to the city. 

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