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PACT committee meeting in Vishwo Niketan School

 Awareness camp on safe menstrual hygiene management in Liwali Camp

Women Power- Community take ownership building their water tank to harvest the rainwater in Liwali

Students of RAIN CLUB in Vishwo Niketan Public School in Kathmandu being addressed by Ms. Tripti Rai, Country Director, WaterAid Nepal on the occasion of World Toilet Day event

Habit of hand washing keeps the children safe from water borne diseases. Children in Liwali Camp are taught to do proper hand washing with soap.

When can I feel my Dignity?

Privacy lacks at the IDP Camps


My son Dropped out from the school

“My youngest son dropped out as I was sick and he had to take care of me though I would like him to continue his education.”


Amplifying the local voices

“We should be careful consuming water. We should drink safe water and adopt measures to purify water. Therefore safety should be considered to ensure water is safe and drinkable” says Manorath Bajgain, Senior Lab Technician, ENPHO. His message is crystal clear but according to the department of water supply and sewerage in Nepal, though an estimated 80% people of the total population has access to drinking water; the water might not be safe. In most cases, marginalized population living in rural areas has limited access to the water, let alone safe water. People living in remote areas have to depend on small streams running from the mountain and spend hours to get water. Further, only 27% of the population has access to sanitation. Similarly, more than 44,000 children die every year in Nepal from waterborne disease.


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Video Updates

Nepali Youth at Guthi

GUTHI has engaged youths in various communication related activities and


Guthi on Radio

Guthi on Radio - Aba Hamro Palo


Emergency Rain

Stories on Emergency Rain

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Faecal Sludge Management

Faecal Sludge Management: A dire need

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Community Center

A support for informal groups

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GUTHI in Earthquake, 2015

Activities by GUTHI during Earthquake Response Phase

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Menst​rual Hygiene Management Campaign

Safe Menstruation: Right and Dignity

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Water Campaign

Stories on Water Campaign

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Solid waste management

Encouraging the better use of waste

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